Meet Some of Our Sea Lions

One of the primary reasons people come to the Bahamas is the stunning scenery and weather, and it is a delightful place to relax or explore some of the most beautiful natural sights you have ever seen. A visit to the Bahamas is always full of possibilities and adventures, and it is the perfect place to enjoy activities on both land and water.

One exciting adventure to consider when you come to the Bahamas is a visit to Blue Lagoon Island Bahamas, a quiet little island spot just a short ferry ride from Nassau. One of the highlights of visiting Blue Lagoon Island is the Sea Lion Encounter Tour, an event guaranteed to please the entire family. Travel to the island by a short ferry ride through the historic and picturesque Nassau Harbor until you arrive at the lovely Blue Lagoon Island. Though the island is small, it does have some modern amenities, such as bathrooms and changing facilities.

You will start your tour sea lion tour with a fun and interactive presentation, which will provide the orientation for the Blue Lagoon Island sea lion facility. You will get to learn about the history of sea lions as well as training techniques and the important issues concerning the protection and preservation of both the sea lions and their environment.

The Bahamas Sea Lion Encounter is the closest you will ever get to California sea lions, and you will experience the thrill of having them perform interactively with you. These friendly and intelligent sea mammals are quick learners, and you will be able to watch them dance, jump into the water and even give you a little kiss on the cheek. Your hands-on contact with these charming creatures will warm your heart and amaze you.

One of the new friends you will meet while on your sea lion adventure tour is Murray. He will be easy to recognize because he is the both the oldest and the largest adult male in the group of sea lions on this island. His weight varies between 400 and 500 pounds, depending on the time of year. Murray's weight is the highest during lion breeding season, which occurs between the months of May and August. He is nearly all black and of course he appears to be quite an intimidating presence, but he is actually a very gentle creature and loves interacting with the people who come to visit. You might recognize him from his role in a commercial for Reynolds Wrap or from his role in the movie Slappy and the Stinkers. Surprisingly, Murray’s favorite training treat is not fish. What he prefers over every other treat is ice, and he will do nearly anything for it.

Another Blue Lagoon Island favorite is Magnolia, the youngest and smallest adult female in the group. She is quite playful and demonstrates an extremely vivid imagination. When none of her companions is in the mood to play with her, Magnolia invents her own games. She often starts swimming quickly around the exhibit, flipping as if something is chasing her. Finally she jumps onto the dock and makes loud sounds, all as part of her imaginary chasing games. She has large brown eyes, which she uses to get attention or perhaps a special treat, and the trainers find her fluttering eyelashes quite hard to resist. Her pool-mate and best friend is PJ, and Magnolia can often be seen following PJ everywhere, even when PJ would rather she did not.

The bravest female sea lion in the group is PJ. She loves to try new things, probably because she is also a film star. She was only a year old when she starred in her first commercial for Reynolds Wrap, and she played the role of Baby Andre in the move Andre. She even attended the movie’s premier in Hawaii and participated in more than 50 “interviews” for the event. Her starring role, however, was in Slappy and the Stinkers. She is a natural in front of the camera, but she also loves interacting with her friends, especially her best friend and pool-mate, Maggie.

Milo is the youngest sea lion of the bunch. He is Murray’s son and he has proven to be an exceptionally quick learner. Of course what he most loves to do is play, and he takes great joy in pestering the adults and chasing the fish in the lagoon. His favorite toy is a bouncing ball; it is orange, has a handle, and is called his “hippity hop.” Milo gets his name from Sir Milo Butler, the first Governor of the Bahamas. He also has the distinction of being the first California sea lion that was born in the Bahamas. These distinctions seem to have puffed up Milo’s head a bit, as he always expects to be the first in line for everything. He has many of the same comical behaviors as his mother, Magnolia, affectionately known as Maggie.

You will be able to meet this little sea lion family as well as all of their friends during your visit to Blue Lagoon Island. You might also consider the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter Bahamas, a visitor favorite that allows you to swim with the dolphins. This delightful experience is connected to the island’s dolphin center and sanctuary. Professional photography and video are available for both the Sea Lion Encounter and the Dolphin Encounter to record your entire adventure and to ensure that you capture all of these special moments for a lifetime of sharing.

Your choices of things to do and see while in the Bahamas are virtually limitless. Snorkeling, diving, swimming, sunbathing, exploring and pursuing every kind of water sport are all wonderful options to participate in during your stay. Whatever else you choose to do is sure to take a tour to Blue Lagoon Island to visit some of the most friendly and memorable sea creatures in the Bahamas.