2 Family Friendly Dolphin Activities at the Blue Lagoon Island

Visiting and exploring Blue Lagoon Nassau in the Bahamas is a must-do-experience that both kids and adults will treasure for a lifetime. Blue Lagoon Nassau offers guests a pristine, powder-white sand beach on which to relax, swim and tan. In addition, the marine mammal interactive programs offered by Bahamas Dolphin Encounters are what a Trip Advisor user rated as, "a dream come true," and are what draw many people to the island.

Dolphin Encounters, world-renowned for its quality of care and for its research, seeks to provide a safe and natural ocean habitat for the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Situated on three acres, the facility offers programs that both educate the public about dolphins and also provide unique and various levels of socially interactive experiences between humans and these social, highly intelligent and intuitive sea mammals.

1. The Swim with Dolphins Nassau program gives people the unparalleled opportunity to touch, play and swim in the water with dolphins. The program begins with an educational presentation about the habitats, biological makeup, habits and behaviors of dolphins. The session teaches training techniques, which enable participants to have the safest and highest level of social interaction with dolphins as possible.

Afterwards, small groups of 10 or less enter the water while wearing life jackets. Participants can then use the training secrets they just learned to do anything from spinning around with the dolphins, hugging and petting them and swimming alongside them. Incredibly friendly and gentle, dolphins enjoy "showing off" and interacting with humans. Participants can swim with dolphins by holding onto their fins.

Two dolphins will even willingly give a person a "foot push" across the lagoon. This occurs when a person puts a foot on the nose of each dolphin will then both propel the lucky individual through the water. One Trip Advisor user praises the "foot push" experience as, "Really a treat!" for her 6-year-old son.

These intuitive and majestic sea mammals enthrall participants with a half hour of full social interaction. Trip Advisor users describe this experience as, "a lifetime memory" and "the best day of my life."

Because Swim with Dolphins Nassau is so completely engrossing, participants might not want or be able to step "out of the moment" to take pictures or film the experience. On-site professional videographer and photographer assist participants of all three interactive animal programs by recording the experience.

2. The Dolphin Encounter program gives families the opportunity to come face to face with dolphins in waist-deep water. As with the Swim program, participants first receive an educational presentation on the biology, behavior and habitats of dolphins.

Participants then get into the water where they will delight in hugging, petting and "dancing" with dolphins, rubbing their bellies, having direct eye contact with and maybe even receiving a bottlenose kiss from these social, gentle and well-trained animals. This option is popular among families who still want an amazing, close encounter with dolphins but who are not quite comfortable swimming with them.

These two activities are a great addition to your list of things to do in the Bahamas. Please visit swimwithdolphinsbahamas.com for additional information about these opportunities.