Freeport Grand Bahamas

Freeport is one of the youngest cities in the Caribbean. The area that is now Freeport was once an area of swamp and scrubland. It was granted to a financier who had interests in the lumber business, a Virginian by the name of Wallace Groves. He was given the land in exchange for promising to develop the area into an important economic port for the island of Grand Bahama. Freeport was born out of this in 1955. Under the Hawksbill Creek Agreement of 1955, Freeport's main port Grand Bahama Port Authority would work as a free trade zone. In other words, the Bahamian government allowed businesses in the area of Freeport to be conducted without taxes until the year 2054.

Today Freeport has become the second most important and populous city in all of the Bahamas with a population of over 27,000. Freeport is a resort island town with all the great amenities that you would expect from an island destination including luxury resorts, golf courses, excellent shopping and dining, gambling, duty free shopping, and all kinds of fun water sports. If you will be on Grand Bahama or Freeport, check out the snorkeling trips, jet ski trips, scuba diving, dolphin swims, party cruises, parasailing and sunset cruises.