Paradise Island

The famous resort island paradise, known as Paradise Island, is a true Bahamas gem. This is where you will find the luxury Vegas style resort, the Atlantis. Located just off the shore from Nassau in New Providence, Bahamas, Paradise Island can be accessed by two bridges that connect to Nassau. Many ferries that depart the Nassau Harbor on their way to various excursions or to Blue Lagoon Island pass right by Paradise Island. Many of these boats and ferries provide their guests with excellent views of the gorgeous, tropical beaches of Paradise Island, as well as the immense structure of the Atlantis Resort.

Even if you are not staying at the amazing Atlantis, Paradise Island is open to visitors year round. You can stroll through the lobbies and casino rooms of the resort. You can walk to the beach and enjoy the sun. You can have dinner or you can wave to the island as you pass it by on a boat or ferry. Paradise Island is truly an integral part of the Bahamas experience.

Paradise Island

A good amount of the sights on Paradise Island are restricted to the Atlantis Resort. Most of these are available and accessible to guests staying at the resort, but they are sometimes open to outside visitors. Check out the The Dig, for instance, which is a tour of the massive aquarium located on the grounds of the resort and featuring amazing manta rays. Connected to the Dig, you will find the Predator Lagoon which is a shark filled underwater tunnel that guests can stroll through.

Also available on the Atlantis Resort is excellent gambling facilities. If you are 18 years old or older, you will be free to enjoy the various games. Marina Village is located just next to the Atlantis Resort and is an excellent shopping facility on Paradise Island. The shops are mostly upscale, but even if upscale shopping is not your thing, the Marina Village will at least provide you with a colorful and relaxing stroll.

If you are do staying at the Atlantis, Paradise Island offers several other accommodation options including the Comfort Suites Paradise Island, One & Only Ocean Club, the Sunrise Beach Club and Villas, and the Riu Paradise Island.