A Dolphin Day at Blue Lagoon

Everyone has a bucket list, some longer than others. For some, it’s leaping off a bridge in New Zealand precariously attached to a stretchy cord, for others its golfing the greenest of the greens in the Scottish Highlands. For others, the ocean is their playground, and anything they can do to get close to it, frolic in it, experience all it has to offer first hand is what they dream of. Swimming with dolphins is one of those unique experiences you can’t have just anywhere in the world. There are few instances in life where you can be afforded the opportunity to walk or swim alongside creatures so intelligent, you feel an instant connection to them. Here in the Bahamas, there are a number of tour options that bring you up close and personal with the regions native Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, but if you’re wanting a locale that’s a touch more exclusive, or even one you can bring your friends and family to, the Blue Lagoon is a wonderful place to experience a dolphin encounter.

The dolphin sanctuary on Blue Lagoon Island account for an impressive three full three acres. This includes space for a resident pod of dolphins, education and training facilities, a kitchen, state-of-the-art photo lab, restroom facilities and a gift shop so you can pick something up for all those loved ones at home wishing they were swimming with dolphins! Every tour in the Blue Lagoon begins with an in depth orientation about the facilities, and an educational presentation where you learn all about these sentient beings of the sea. Trainers will tell you all about their biology, their importance to the eco-system, how they interact with their environment, and their unique behavior. And once you’ve all become mini experts, you will be treated to a training seminar where you can learn how to play with your dolphin.

Once you’re finished with the presentation/seminar, it’s time to suit up and get in the water and put all those techniques you just learned into action. The great thing about the Blue Lagoon Bahamas swim with dolphins experience is it can be as interactive or as distanced as you want. If you’re nervous about getting in the water, or their fast movement makes you uncomfortable, you can always dangle your toes over the side and a trainer will work with you to both put you at ease, and ensure you have a great experience.

For those who love to dive head into everything, be prepared to be spun, nuzzled, kissed, and splashed. Give them a hug, and you’ll amazed at the affection they give back. Run your hands gently down their beautiful, streamlined body, and marvel at their strength, this is truly experience you’ll never forget. There are no more than 10 people permitted in the water at once, so if you’re traveling with your large family, or concerned about crowds, worry no more. And if you’ve left your camera at home, don’t sweat it, the best photographers in the business are always on hand to catch every magical moment. The Blue Lagoon dolphin experience is one of the best anywhere in the Caribbean, so steal yourself away for the afternoon, and create the perfect Bahamas swim with dolphins memory!