Nassau Bahamas

Nassau is unique and exciting city. It is by far the largest city in all of the Bahamas, housing almost 80 percent of the entire Bahamas population. It is located on the Northeastern region of New Providence Island in the Bahamas and also the capital of the islands. It is basically the political, cultural, social and economic center of the Bahamas. It is the most visited destination in the Bahamas. It is a particularly popular cruise ship destination. But Nassau is definitely unique among other cruise ship destinations. Sure, the city has some of that welcoming island vibe with bright colors, palm trees, and friendly locals. But Nassau has much more to offer its visitors. The city is as urban as a Caribbean city can get, with an appealing grittiness to many of its streets that remind you of the complex history of the city.

In fact, this city has gone through quite a bit. Starting with its destruction in 1685 by the Spanish and through its current status as premier tourist destination, Nassau has reason to have a weathered look. It was also a favorite hide out spot for many famous pirates and privateers including Charles Vain, Calico Jack Rackham and the famous female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Today, one of the main draws of the city continues to be its outstanding history. Mix in the bright color and energetic culture of the Bahamian people with the beautiful blue waters and pristine beaches of the Bahamas and you got one of the most interesting and unforgettable cities in the world. Today, you will be able to go on all kinds of fun and exciting Bahamas tours and activities, including everything from snorkeling to jet skiing to scuba diving to sunset cruises and dolphin swims.