The Blue Lagoon

Today, Blue Lagoon Bahamas Island holds one of the best dolphin education and activity centers in the Caribbean. It is home to eighteen Bahamas bottlenose dolphins and a handful of sea lions. It still retains all the beauty of its heyday and still provides guests with that remote island feel that makes you feel relaxed and at peace. When you think of an island paradise, Blue Lagoon Island is not a far cry from that. It includes hounds of coconut palm trees that provide great shady spots, powdery white sand, clear turquoise waters, natural vegetation, and hundreds of native plant and animal species.

Despite its proximity to Nassau, Blue Lagoon Bahamas Island has remained pristine and seemingly untouched. Only a few guests make the trip out to the island each day. Today, guests travel out to the island for two reasons. You can enjoy the relaxing beach and tropical atmosphere that is offered by the island. Or you can sign up for a dolphin encounter, where you will get to actually be in the water with these amazing Bahamas natives.