A Day of Education at The Blue Lagoon Island

For those sponsors of trips for school kids at Christmas break or Spring break, think of Nassau, Bahamas. Why go skiing in the cold when you can swim with dolphins and sea lions at Dolphin Encounters Bahamas? The warm blue waters will charm the kids, as will swimming with the friendly, intelligent animals. Swim in a real lagoon. Learn more about the sea creatures that live there. Swim with them, hug them and play with them in the warm crystal-clear blue waters of the Bahamas. It will be educational, but don’t tell the kids. Let them feel the wonder themselves.

Perhaps you have kids at camps such as those for children with cancer. Maybe your kids have special needs like Type 1 diabetes or muscular dystrophy. Whatever the type of camp in which the children retreat, they will enjoy the chance to make the squeaking and squealing noises the dolphins make when they communicate with each other. They will be fascinated when they see the dolphins come up for air, just like they do. The children will see how the dolphins travel in groups called pods. They will watch as the mammals approach people in the water and in boats, because they are social animals.

Kids attending sports camps, band camps or kids going on senior trips will get a kick out of watching the sea lions as they learn about Dolphin Cay, or Atlantis swim with dolphins. Some sea lions live in sub-arctic waters, but most live in warm waters like Blue Lagoon Bahamas. They can grow quite large, especially the males. No one knows much about sea lions, except their mating habits and their anatomy. Like dolphins, they are friendly and social animals. Like dolphins, they don’t mind playing with people. Your kids will get a charge out of learning a little about these playful and wonderful aquatic animals.

Youth groups at church as well as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts might like an experience with the dolphins and sea lions at Dolphin Encounters Bahamas. From Blue Lagoon Island, the kids will see the natural habitat where the pod of dolphins lives. Also included is the educational area, photo lab, bathrooms and changing area, a kitchen and gift shop. The tour begins with an educational class. In this class, the children will learn all about the animals, their behavior, intelligence, what their bodies are like and their environment. Then it will be out into the water with the playful creatures. The children will practice what they just learned, and a videographer will capture it all on film. They won’t forget this experience!

Perhaps sponsors at weight loss camps or companies who send their employees’ children off on retreat for a holiday would appreciate the environment in which their kids will be exercising and learning. A private island surrounded by aqua-blue waters, that have lush tropical growth, coconut trees and white sands wrapped around a hidden lagoon will be theirs to explore. Tropical birds, sea life and coral reefs provide color and wonder to the experience. The children will see what untouched natural beauty looks like and revel in the quiet sounds of nature.

Two different and infinitely interesting tours are open for your children’s birthday parties, graduation from grade school and middle school or just because you can trips. The first tour is called Close Encounters. The kids will stand on a platform in waist-deep water. Trainers will instruct the kids how to understand the sounds the dolphins make and try to communicate with them. They will be shown how to hug the animals and the swimmers may even kiss the children. The kids will play with the playful creatures and have a truly wonderful encounter with the dolphins.

The other tour the children may take is Swim with the Dolphins. Following a short course on dolphins, the children will be able to actually swim with the animals. Hang onto their fins for a swooshing swim or let the dolphins take the children for a ride on their bottlenose. Hugs and petting is allowed. The kids will be amazed at their ability to swim with creatures not human, the sounds they make in communication and their friendliness and sociability toward humans.

Blue Lagoon Bahamas is a beautiful trip into the unknown for children to simultaneously learn and play. They may have never seen a coral reef or a real lagoon. They might not know what it’s like to swim in waters in which they can see to the bottom. The kids might have only seen coconut trees in movies. They could see all kinds of fish in addition to sea lions and dolphins. You will also swim with the dolphins and have a close encounter with them. You will see it all through the children’s eyes as you are learning about it, too. You’ll even have video of the whole experience to take back with you. It will be a wonder everyone will remember for a long time.