A Dolphin Swim Wedding Day

Many brides-to-be (and even some grooms-to-be) dream of a wedding that will culminate in hundreds of their closest friends and relatives dancing to 1980s hits, doing the Macarena or chicken dance, and dining on their choice of mass-produced “beef or chicken entrée.” If you are engaged and that scenario doesn’t represent your idea of a dream wedding, you’re in luck.

Having hundreds of guests attend your wedding does not guarantee marital bliss. Resist the urge to become consumed with such tedious details as what color ribbons to tie onto chairs, which tabletop vases should house which flowers, and which beer to serve at the open bar. Your wedding should be about your commitment to your beloved and not about putting on a show for hundreds of guests. Choose quality over quantity, and you’ll have nothing but joyous memories of your special day.

Think Outside the Box

Once you decide that you’d rather not become the cliché wedding couple, you need to decide what type of wedding you’ll enjoy and remember fondly forever. How about this … consider choosing a “best man” that’s a mammal but not a man. Consider a wedding in which you and your beloved will kick of your union by going with a swim with the dolphins! Forget about a rent-a-church and dusty reception hall. Why settle when you can arrange a wedding with the crystal-clear azure Bahamian sea and it’s white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees as the backdrop. Your wedding party will be you, your fiancé, and

your dolphin best “man” and matron of honor.

Make Love the Focus of Your Nuptials

When you decide to forego the typical wedding trappings, you free yourself to plan a wedding that is uniquely you. If you’re adventurous, like to buck tradition, dream of a wedding in paradise, or simply have always wanted a good excuse to swim with the dolphins, a dolphin wedding is for you.

The planning and preparation for a dolphin wedding is minimal. You don’t need to worry about your hair, makeup, or outfit. (Don’t worry. After you swim with the dolphins ceremony, there will be plenty of time for tradition: wearing wedding dresses and tuxes; taking pictures; enjoying a catered dinner, wedding cake, and champagne; and even doing some crazy 1980s dancing if you choose.) Whatever your dream wedding looks like, the team that arranges your swim with the dolphins will see to it that your complete vision is realized to perfection.

Dolphin Weddings are Becoming World Renowned

From the United States to the Netherlands, adventurous couples are discovering why making their vows in the sparkling waters of the Bahamas, with dolphins inches away serving as their closest witnesses, is a truly unique way to start their lives together. Marriage is a journey marked with ups and downs. A couple united in matrimony over a dolphin wedding will have extraordinary memories and photos to look back on and remind themselves of why their spouse is unique and special.