The Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau Bahamas

As one of Nassau’s most famous and popular sites, Blue Lagoon Island has been repeatedly voted as the number one Bahamian natural attractions and family activity. This incredible island has been virtually untouched for centuries, and is often referred to as the “real Bahamas”. The natural vegetation gives this private island the illusion that it has stayed intact from human civilization.

Blue Lagoon Island still has secluded, white-sand beaches for visitors to savor, and a natural lagoon with crystal clear blue waters. Visitors comment on the tranquility of the island, and how far away from their normal, everyday life they feel here. Blue Lagoon Island’s official name is Salt Cay, and has been an intricate piece of history for the Bahamas for centuries. This island, located three miles off the shores of Nassau, is owned and operated by a local family and is the home to dolphins and sea lions of Dolphin Encounters.

After Dolphin Encounters opened in 1993, it started a marine mammal educational program. That same year it underwent a costly extension to the grounds to ensure their dolphins and sea lions had the best living conditions possible. The island itself and some of their dolphins and sea lions have been featured in motion pictures such as “Flipper” (1996), “Andre” (1994), and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s film “Holiday in the Sun” (2001).

Visitors can interact with these dolphins and sea lions by participating in the different programs that allow families to get up close and personal with the animals. These programs were designed with the visitors in mind and created to make sure they are educational, safe, and entertaining. The dolphins love to show off their latest moves, and love being social with new people. The sea lions have been described as the “dogs of the sea”, and when you see them in action, it’s easy to understand why. The Dolphin Encounter Experience have set the bar to the highest level as far as animal treatment, and have been recognized internationally for their efforts concerning raising awareness for animal welfare.

The Blue Lagoon Island has been the host to millions of visitors and many celebrities over the years, and has interesting past, including being a rest stop for pirates and buccaneers before the 19th century. Visitors have the chance to ride on large, high-speed, sturdy boats making it easy to glide over the blue ocean waves, and learn more about the history of the island from their guide. The tours going out to Blue Lagoon Island usually give patrons the chance to sail through, and have the opportunity to see Nassau’s Historic Harbor and other surrounding islands.

Blue Lagoon Island has been rated the number one activity to do in the Bahamas, and reviews have said there is no other place like it. This pristine, pure, and clean island is exactly what most people envision when they think of taking a tropical adventure. This charming and primitive escape should be on anyone’s to-do list that is planning his or her vacation to the Bahamas.