Bahamas Dolphin Encounter Is Enchanting

We all need a vacation these days. Take a moment and imagine flying to the tropical Bahamas, soaring over emerald green and turquoise waters, landing in Paradise, and basking in the warm, salty air with a fruity tropical beverage under the palm trees as you lounge on a picture perfect beach. Just when you thought everything was as good as it possibly could be someone suggests a Bahamas dolphin encounter.

“What in the world is a Bahamas dolphin encounter?” You ask yourself. Images of sleek, playful sea mammals swimming next to you as you are buoyed by warm, salt water under a clear, blue sky pass through your mind and you decide to give it a try. What you do not realize is that dolphins are only one of a variety of sea life you will be encountering on your Bahamas dolphin encounter.

There are two species of Bahamas dolphin you may encounter on your swim, the bottlenose dolphin of Flipper fame and the smaller, spotted dolphin. Both dolphin species are as friendly and as playful as can be imagined: Their attraction to and curiosity about humans can only be matched by the family dog. Native to the over 700 islands that make up the Bahamas, you may also see blue whales, humpback whales, sharks, sea turtles and more tropical fish than you would ever be able to count or identify.

Bahamas Dolphins, Angelfish, And Goatfish

Goatfish?!!? Yes, goatfish. Aptly named for their voracious appetites and facial whiskers, the goatfish comes in many varieties, some as long as 55 cm. Also known as Red Mullets, these fish come in a delightful collection of names such as the dash-and-dot, the freckled, and the goldsaddle goatfish. Another popular resident, the marine angelfish are unlike their freshwater counterparts but still flaunt brilliant colors on a flattened body, which can range in size from 15-60 cm. The larger varieties of goatfish commonly approach divers, allowing for some breathtaking photographs. Butterflyfish are a traditional-looking, brightly colored tropical fish with long dorsal and tail fins. You are guaranteed to see these and many more on your Bahamas dolphin encounter or a Bahamas scuba diving adventure.

You will be awed and amazed on your Bahamas dolphin encounter as you explore brilliantly colored reefs and interact with the myriad sea life. Your Bahamas dolphin encounter will bring you up close and personal to these wild, playful, and intelligent creatures. The spotted dolphin is 7-feet long and weighs 240 pounds. The Bahamas dolphins may be free but they regularly seek out human contact and they certainly enjoy the free food!

Swim with Dolphins Bahamas offers one of the world’s best dolphin encounter packages available. You can enjoy your Bahamas dolphin encounter on either Nassau or Freeport. You will start your day with an informative discussion about Bahamas dolphins, their habits, diet, life cycle, and protection efforts. Armed with your new knowledge, you will board a comfortable boat and head for secluded sites frequented by Bahamas dolphins.

In addition to the free Bahamas dolphin, there are sanctuary residents who enjoy the protection and care of dolphin experts. The dolphins are very familiar with their caregivers and respond to their care with affection and playful games, leaps, and splashes. All of the Bahamas dolphins, wild and tame, show the gentle, curious, playful nature that characterizes dolphins around the world.

Bahamas Dolphin Encounters For Young And Old

Any vacation in the Bahamas is a good one. Freeport Grand Bahamas and Nassau both offer excellent beaches, restaurants, and shopping. Beach combing, exploring, and perfect weather will get you outside nearly every day of your visit. Swim with Dolphins Bahamas offers dolphin encounters for every age, budget, and schedule.

For families with young children, the Bahamas dolphin encounter on Nassau is especially rewarding. The Blue Lagoon Sanctuary offers dolphin encounters without a long boat ride and plenty of conveniences. In addition to the dolphin encounter at the Blue Lagoon Sanctuary, your family can enjoy water bicycle and inner tube rentals, great food and beverages, and a pristine beach. If you are a bit more adventurous and prefer an open sea Bahamas dolphin encounter, then Freeport Grand Bahamas is the place for you. A short boat ride will take you to secluded dolphin encounter locations where wild dolphins are used to being fed by sea mammal experts who provide guidance on your Bahamas dolphin encounter. There is no way to explain to joy and delight you will experience as you swim with wild dolphins in the warm waters of the Bahamas.

Reasonable Rates And Flexible Dates For Your Bahamas Dolphin Encounter

Realizing many vacation budgets are a bit pinched these days, many airlines, hotels, and travel agencies are lowering rates on just about everything. Whether you arrive at the Bahamas by air or by water, you can get a 30% discount on your Bahamas dolphin encounter if you book your reservation with Swim with Dolphins Bahamas. With the money you save, you buy a nice dinner, an evening out, or a few extra souvenirs