Bahamas Sea Lion Facts

When you travel out to the Bahamas, you should not miss your chance to come face to face with two of the most amazing of sea creatures: the bottlenose dolphin and the California sea lion. Bahamas Sea lions, like the dolphins found in the waters of the Bahamas and at various dolphin centers and sanctuaries, are friendly and social creatures. They enjoy interaction with humans and are excellent learners. California sea lions are especially known for their adaptability in a variety of environments, including man made aquariums, centers, and lagoons.

Bahamas Sea lions are can be large sea creatures, weighing up to 660 pounds. The females are usually smaller. They feed mainly on smaller sea animals including salmon, anchovies and other fish and squid species. They are known to cooperate with other larger sea creatures such as dolphins or sharks when hunting and feeding. They are found naturally around the waters of central and northern California but have made their way around the world in different sea aquariums. Here, guests are able to interact with these happy creatures and learn how to become amateur sea lion trainers.

In Nassau, the best place to meet these interesting animals is on Blue Lagoon Island. Six resident sea lions now make their home there. Along with the group of 18 dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island, these six sea lions have become a part of the family of sea animals, trainers, and visitors. The Bahamas sea lion packages allow you to come face to face with the sea lions and try your hand as a temporary sea lion trainer.