Aunty V the Dolphin

Aunty V is one of our older female dolphins, born in 1976. She has given birth to one calf named Miss Merlin. Aunty V came to live with us in 1989, making her one of our founding members. As one of our most popular dolphins, many people wonder why Aunty V was given such a name. For one, she has always acted as a secondary caregiver to the calves around her. Her nurturing spirit makes her a true aunty. V comes from a small notch in one of her fins. This unique story gives many of our guests a personal connection to this beautiful animal. Before Aunty V came to Blue Lagoon, she was stationed in Abaco where snorkelers could observe her. When she came to stay with us, she needed extensive training to become interactive. Today, Aunty V lives up to her potential, participating in dolphin swims. She especially loves to work with her daughter in performances.