Other Fun Things to do at the Blue Lagoon Island

When most people think of the Blue Lagoon Island, they normally think of dolphins and the interactions visitors can have with them there. But there is plenty to do on the island of the Blue Lagoon that does not have to do with dolphins. If you want something different for your family to do other than the main attraction of swimming with dolphins, than the following are exactly what you are looking for to add to your list of things to do Bahamas.

1. The Bahamas Sea Lion Encounter program provides families with the opportunity to interact with California sea lions, one of the most delightfully playful, peppy and friendly sea creatures in the world! The program begins with a fun, interactive presentation to showcase the sea lion facility, the history of sea lions and the training and care of sea lions. Concerned with the protection of sea lions and other endangered marine animals, the presentation highlights relevant environmental issues and emphasizes the importance of ocean conservation.

"I was impressed with how much care they took of the animals," reports one Trip Advisor rater of her Bahamas Sea Lion Encounter experience.

After the presentation, participants interact closely with sea lions. Full of sociability and personality, an adorable creature might sit on a person's lap, "kiss", hug by gently wrapping her flippers around someone and will always swim close-by for plenty of petting and feeding. One Trip Advisor user rates the sea lions she encountered on the Blue Lagoon Island as, "absolutely hilarious."

All three programs include access to the island's quiet, secluded, white-sand beach and clear turquoise waters, volleyball, basketball and other games.

2. The Beach Day Pass offers families a chance to experience the "real" Bahamas on Blue Lagoon Island. A lush tropical and tranquil setting, families can spend the entire today relaxing on the beach sunning or under native coconut trees in double hammocks, beach chairs and picnic tables. Swimming in calm lagoon water with unlimited access to floating mats, noodles and inner tubes entertain families for hours. The package includes all-day access to the island's inflatable land and water parks. Additional water activities such as kayaking, water biking and snorkeling are available for additional cost. Overall, this option provides "lots of fun for all ages," says one Trip Advisor user.

Beach Day visitors can lunch on complimentary delicious grilled food that includes a choice of an Angus beef, chicken or veggie burger, chips, fresh fruit and a fruit punch drink. For additional cost, the Beach Bar serves premium drinks including a frozen piña colada which one Trip Advisor user states, "will knock your socks off."

All island guests may visit the enclosure areas to observe the dolphins and sea lions swimming and playing up-close. Each program allows access to the island's clean changing facilities, restrooms, showers and lockers.

The prices for all also programs include transportation on a high-speed, double-decker catamaran to and from the island from nearby Nassau, just three miles away. This 30-minute trip offers guests spectacular views of Nassau's historic harbor, Atlantis and other beautiful properties along the way.

Please visit swimwithdolphinsbahamas.com for additional information about these opportunities. If you have any questions about these tours, you can call or chat with one of our representatives today.