Your Bahamas Dolphin Encounter in Paradise

Dolphins have always had a place in our hearts. There is just something about their smiling faces and playful ways we cannot seem to resist. As you enjoy your next Bahamas vacation, relaxing in the warm waters, sipping your favorite beverage under the palm trees and basking in the sun, consider the ultimate vacation experience: a Bahamas dolphin encounter or a Bahamas scuba diving adventure. Dolphins will swim with you as you caress their liquid skin and interact with one of Earth’s most intelligent creatures and you realize this is the best vacation ever!

Bahamas Dolphins

Bahamas dolphins are Atlantic spotted dolphins, a small, extremely friendly and sociable dolphin species. People have been swimming with the wild dolphins around the Bahamas for so long now that the Bahamas dolphin is virtually fearless. They grow to be about 7 feet long and weigh up 240 pounds, with the males being larger than the females. Swim with Dolphins Bahamas will teach you a few things about the Bahamas dolphins and then take you to some of the best spots on both Nassau/Paradise Island and Freeport Grand Bahamas where you can swim the crystal blue waters and enjoy your Bahamas dolphin encounters. There are programs for every age and skill level and all of the Bahamas dolphin encounters are unforgettable.

In addition to Bahamas dolphin encounters, you can enrich your vacation experience with sea lion encounters, swimming with the Bahamas dolphin and scuba diving with dolphins. The Bahamas dolphins found in the dolphin sanctuaries are very well-treated by their expert caretakers and they seem to revel in delighting and entertaining visitors.

Whether in the wild or visiting sanctuary residents, the Bahamas dolphin is very sociable. Like puppies, the Bahamas dolphin seems to crave and enjoy your company. By reserving a Bahamas dolphin encounter with Swim with Dolphins Bahamas, you will create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Dolphin Encounters In Nassau And Freeport

There are many ways to enjoy a Bahamas dolphin encounter. The easiest and most rewarding programs are offered by Swim with Dolphins Bahamas at Nassau Bahamas and Freeport Grand Bahamas. There are programs to fit every schedule, price range, and interest. The Blue Lagoon dolphin sanctuary at Nassau offers a relaxing beach, delicious food, tropical beverages, inner tubes, water bicycles, and a Bahamas dolphin encounter that you won’t believe! If Freeport Grand Bahamas is more convenient, you can join the gentle Bahamas dolphin in the open sea.

Cruise your way to fun

There is no denying that money is tight these days, which is all the more reason to plan a vacation that is guaranteed to recharge your soul without emptying your bank account. Cruise lines offer many discounts and specials and a stop in the Bahamas will be time and money well spent. Even better, book your Bahamas dolphin encounter with Swim with Dolphins Bahamas and you can expect to save up to 30%. Now that’s worth fishing for!

After enjoying your Bahamas dolphin encounter, you may as well try out one of the many scuba in the Bahamas programs. You are sure to be delighted as you explore coral reefs, sunken ships and view the tropical fish and underwater plants of the beautiful Bahamas. Swim with Dolphins Bahamas is ready to provide you with everything you need for an exceptional vacation.